Göreme Open Air Museum: 6 km (6 Minutes)
Zelve Open Air Museum: 10 km (10 Minutes)
Kaymaklı Underground City: 31,3 km (30 Minutes)
Ihlara Valley: 95 km (90 Minutes)
Uçhisar : 13,6 km (15 Minutes)
Devrent Valley : 8 km (10 Minutes)


Goreme Open Air Museum

Visit the remarkable Goreme Open Air Museum where you can admire some of the best preserved Byzantine art frescoes in the beautiful historic rock churches.

Pasabag is unique with its huge double and triple capped Fairy Chimneys creating a magical atmosphere as you wander through them.

Uchisar Castle is the highest point in Cappadocia, where the prize for the exhilarating climb to the summit is the extraordinary panoramic views!

Kaymakli Underground City is a true life experience; marvel at the creative yet hardy existence of the thousands who made their secret settlement deep in the rock face.

The Valley of Ihlara is blessed with the Melendiz River which flows through the valley and the old village creating an oasis of flourishing greenery with stunning shades of greens and blues.


At Devrent Valley you can experience, close up, the amazing rock formations which are likened to a lunar landscape.